shutterstock_98016371What are the 7 steps of cherish7?

Cherish7 consists of 7 steps derived from my own direct experience of trying out what works and what doesn’t when trying to get your life back on track. I have literally cherry picked the best bits from the 7 years health and wellbeing training I have had, the hundreds of books I have read and dozens of treatments I have tested out myself.

These are things I use every day in my own life, all my clients use in their lives and can be applied to anyone who wants to stop drinking so much. The steps are put together in a logical order so you can focus on just doing one thing at a time and have everything you need to make your drinking and social changes a success.

They’ve been tried and tested in the REAL world and they work.

Here are the 7 steps:

Step       1             Be Willing to CHANGE and Know what you WANT

Step       2             Learn exactly why YOU are the only one keeping yourself STUCK

Step       3              Learn to LET GO

Learn to Physically Clear your Negative Emotions

Learn to Mentally Clear your Negative Emotions

Step       4              Visualise Your FUTURE

Step       5              LOVE Yourself

Step       6              Be GRATEFUL NOW

Step       7              Create CHANGE in every area of your life

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